You plan and save for 5 years to take a trip to Africa and manage to get the cheapest packages online. Everything is great until you find out that you have landed smack in the middle of the rainy season and your beach wear is not going to help you. That is the problem of taking safari packages with no information about the best time for a Safari in Kenya.

The beauty of an African adventure is that you never know what to expect even when you take into account everything you have ever read. The only constant with East African Adventure is that you either come in the right season, or you hate the place. Being home to several wildlife species also means that you have to plan ahead.

To get you started follow the following rule of thumb. Avoid the rainy seasons and you will surely have a great time.

Avoid the Long Rain Seasons

The great news is that there are only two rainy seasons in Kenya. The short rains and the long rains. What you want to do is avoid planning for a beach holiday during the long rains. Even the animals are hiding behind thick bushes during the long rains. To make things worse, some of the best lodges and camping seasons are closed. Unless you are a hard core backpacker, the truth is that you will spending most of your times indoors hiding from the rains than actually seeing the grevy’s zebra you came to see.

Safari in Kenya

The long rains are usually between the months of March to May/June.

The interesting thing though is that should you come during this time, take the time to see the Safari Rally. There was a time Kenya safaris were not complete without watching the rally. You could also try to visit the northern part of Kenya which is dry even during this period. Homestays to Kenya holidays are also a great activity during this period as you stay on the cheap in the country. Who knows, your homestay family may actually have a great adventure customized just for you.

If you are really looking to get the best holiday deals in Kenya, this is probably the only time when you can truly get a cheap holiday. Also take into account that you shouldn’t expect 5 Star services.

January to March is Beach Holiday Time

Probably the driest months in the country and dry is what you want. To be very honest with you, don’t plan on finding any rooms during this period of you had not booked earlier. The Kenyan beaches are often at capacity.

For those who would love to have a wildlife safari where the predators rule the world, this is the time to come. This is the ultimate time for men in shorts as the sun is out during this time and the parks lodges & hotels are in all open.

Beach Safari in Kenya

After your wildlife safari, in one of national parks, a trip to Chyulu hills and a balloon safari, you need to finish in style near water sandy beaches of Diani. If the beaches aren’t your style, then finish your Kenyan safari at a game reserve on Mt. Kenya or the Aberdares. A trip to the Ark is always one that you will never forget.

In other words, the Kenya tourism season is open for business and you shall love every second of it.

October to December Short Rains Season

We said avoid the rainy seasons, but this season is best suited for those who wish to see the best of the country, at reasonable prices, without the crowds. It is not like the long rain seasons of March to June.

There is a little rain but you will find some of the best Kenya safari packages you can only dream about. You may be lucky to even get the tail end of the Wildbeast migration especially if there was a delay of any kind. Hotel’s are not exorbitant.

Infact, a lot of visitors are found in Amboseli avoiding all the crowding experienced in the peak seasons. Camping safaris are excellent during this time. If you are seeking the complete africa safari, then take a quick trip to the rift valley and visit Lake Nakuru and learn more about Kenya. Savannah areas such as the samburu game reserve are excellent for group journeys.

My Favorite Time to for Safaris in Kenya

I may be a bit prejudiced but its great all the time. But surely, you can’t come to Kenya without visiting the maasai mara. The mara is great most of the year, but during the months of July to November, it is paradise.

 Safari in Kenya

If you are seeking that excusite luxury travel safari to Africa, just visit the wildbeast migration during this season. There is nothing like it in the world. The big five are out in their glory, the land is rich with life and the masai mara is rebuilding.

If you decide to go the rift valley or the ark, you will come as close to the animals as you will ever get. It’s a truly wonderful time to visit Kenya.

So get on board and contact us for your ultimate Kenya luxury safari, we promise that we shall handle everything for you. The only thing you have to worry about is what clothes to wear in Kenya. We can help you out with that too. Our safari packages are made for you to have great safari in Kenya.

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