It is important that you get everything right when planning your safari. One important aspect of planning your safaris in Kenya is choosing the right attire for your safari. This is a question that many people would ask especially if it is your first time to visit Africa.

You are not really prepared for the kind of weather you will get in Africa and so you are not really sure what will be the most appropriate attire that you need to put in your packing list. This article will guide you through what you need to have in your luggage before you leave your house keeping in mind that you need to travel as light as you can.

The less you carry, the better it will be for you to move around from one place to another hence you will be able to enjoy your holiday to the limits. Remember that you can always find any extras in Kenya whenever you feel like what you packed for the safari would not be enough for your stay there.

Ideal Clothes for your Safaris in Kenya

The key to choosing what to wear when in a safari in Kenya is first understanding the weather in the country and also the kind of activities you will be doing during your safari. Kenya is a tropical country and the weather varies from place to place.

the best attire for safaris in Kenya

The coastal areas are warm while the highlands are cold. Other areas of the country are semi arid and experience extremely high temperatures. However, the places that you have chosen for your safari possibly have manageable warm temperatures. The Masai Mara for example has the Savannah vegetation and the temperatures there are warm in different times of the year but could drop in the night.

Below is the ideal list of clothes that you need to have in your bag when planning for your safari.

  • Cotton Khaki Shorts 2 pairs
  • Cotton Khaki Trousers 2 pairs
  • A sweat Shirt and a light sweater for protection in case temperatures drop
  • Hiking Boots 1 pair
  • Running Shoes 1 pair
  • Underwear and socks (Around 6 for each)
  • Safari Hat
  • A waterproof Windbreaker

Having all these in your bag means that you are ready for safaris and all the adventure and fun it has to offer. Additional clothes may not really be necessary especially if the holiday does not last more than 5 days. Most accommodation spots that you will find during your safari will do your laundry and therefore there is no need to worry that you will run out of what to wear.

Accessories to Carry for your Safari

There are various accessories that prove to be very useful during safaris in Kenya and it is important that you make sure that you at least have these so that the safari is smooth.

  • Water Bottle
  • Camera to capture the moments(Video camera can be better as well)
  • Binoculars for instances that points of interests are at a distance
  • Insect Repellent and Sunscreen
  • Quality Sun Glasses (The sun could be harsh)
  • Any writing or recording material for the safari

These are all the essentials and you can always add more to spice up your safari in Kenya. There are various apps on smartphones that can help you or guide you with information all through your safari so that you do not miss on any exciting happenings. Once you have all these in check, your safaris in Kenya are guaranteed to be adventurous with lots of fun.

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