If you happen to visit one of the greatest African countries, Kenya for safari, spare some time to explore the largest national park in the country- Tsavo National Park.  The park is covers 20,812 square kilometers and is divided into two, the eastern side which is the Tsavo East National Park and the western side the Tsavo West National Park.

Both parks are an epitome of incredible beauty with very unique features that set them apart. From native species of rhinos and elephants to rare bird species and insects, the Tsavo National Park showcases nature at its best. The park has beautiful landscapes, bushy grasslands and breathtaking scenery.

Tsavo East National Park- ‘The Land of Lava, Springs and Man Eaters’

The Tsavo East National Park covers the largest area as it is 11,747 square kilometers large. The park is near a popular Coastal town in Kenya known as Voi. Visitors can gain access to the park through Voi(Manyani gate), Mombasa(Bachuma gate) or Malindi(Sala gate), all in the Coast Province. For those who want to gain access to the park by air, there are several airstrips within the park that do allow chartered light planes.

tsavo national park - tsavo east national park and tsavo west national park

One of the main attractions in the Tsavo East national Park is the Athi and Tsavo rivers. The two come together to form the beautiful Galana River. The other main attractions at the Tsavo East are the Yatta Plateau and Lugard Falls. The park is also home to various bird species like the black kite and sacred ibis. Most people visit Tsavo East national park to see the black rhino, Maasai lion, buffalo, elephant and leopard, popularly known as ‘the big five’.

Tsavo West National Park

The Tsavo West National Park covers 9,065 square kilometers. It might be smaller but this doesn’t mean it has little to offer. Tsavo West is actually a more popular tourist destination compared to Tsavo East mainly because of its breathtaking scenery. This part of Tsavo National Park has a good road system and a rich variety of wildlife.

You’ll find the magnificent Mzima Springs at the Tsavo West along with beautiful swamps, the famous Lake Jipe and a rhino reserve. The park is also known for a variety of bird species and mammals as well as the black rhinos. Many people visit Tsavo West to practice rock climbing at Kichwa Tembo and participate in guided tours along Tsavo Rive or visit archeological sites located in the park. The park is also home to smaller animals like the bushbaby and hartebeest. The Tsavo National Park is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

 Tips when visiting the Tsavo National Park

  • Opt for a guided tour- it is going to be more educative and interesting
  • Visit the park during the off-peak season to get lower rates
  • Look for accommodation near the park for convenience
  • Make bookings early enough
  • Dress comfortably

The Tsavo National Park is likely going to be the most serene place you have visited in a while. Be prepared for pure fun, exploration and adventure when you visit this great park.



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