So you have gone to Travelocity and seen a review on the best travel and wildlife Africa game safaris. Chances are extremely high that you will end up choosing to go for safaris in Kenya. You would not be wrong. I may be biased coming from the region but the truth is, in this era of eco tours and luxury travel, nothing beats a East Africa safari.

You will be so spoilt for choice, you may need some help to book a special tour for you or your family. But before you go, there are some some Safaris in Kenya facts that you may need to know. These may dispel any fears or concerns you may have in your experience.

Just How Many Safari Parks in Kenya?

Everyone knows about the masaai mara. That’s all that you see on National Geographic. But do you know how many national parks or the exact number of game reserve in Kenya?

According to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), there are 23 terrestrial National Parks, 28 terrestrial National Reserves, 4 marine National Parks, 6 marine National Reserves and 4 national sanctuaries. This makes this great for short amazing safaris both wildlife and cultural. The most famous are big five game viewing safaris in masai mara.

national parks in safaris in kenya

However, short tours to Shimba hills National reserve, Kiunga Marine National Reserve or Sibiloi National Park are just as breath taking. You will be amazed at the secrets held in the country if you avoid the usual safari packages.

What to See in Safaris in Kenya

Just as there are numerous and diverse national parks and game reserves, there are many options which gives you enough choice and variety of Kenyan information. One of the special tours that people go for are the wildebeest migration. Did you know that the best way to view this is through hot-air balloon ride? You come in for your fly-in safari through Mombasa or Malindi and you view the abundance of wildlife from an air balloon safari. Believe me, it is breathtaking.

Kenya’s national parks are also home to several bird species that are unique to the region. One of the best kept secrets is that bird watching safaris are a must. Sure you know about the flamingos in Lake Nakuru, but what about the other species of birds in the area?

Bird Watching Safaris in Kenya

If you are looking for a large variety of animals, go with our Experience Kenya 10 days safaris packages. You will see more than you could possibly imagine.

How Much do Safaris in Kenya Cost?

So how much is a 3 day safari in Kenya? It all depends on your choice and the places you want to see. Of course if you are going to a private game ranch, you are likely to pay more than going to cheap camps and lodges. Cheap doesn’t mean bad. In fact, travel & tours in Kenya is among the best in terms of cost in the world. Places such as Ol Moran Tented camp are superb to say the least, yet being run by the local maasai, are priced reasonably.

A luxury safari at Hemingways Watamu cannot be considered cheap by any standards worldwide. So depending on your safari location, your costs will vary.

The time you visit also matters in Kenya and East Africa. The best time to visit is usually during the great wildebeest migration season. But you can be assured that will cost you more. So before you try booking and your own camps and lodges, talk to your travel agent to get the best deals for you.

So depending on whether you are going for wildlife safari holidays, beach holidays, hot-air balloon safari, a camping safari or even want to add a Tanzania safari, the pricing and cost will depend on where you wish to go. See our Kenya safaris and best of Tanzania safaris for an idea of the places to stay and any special offer safari we may have.

What to Pack for Safari in Kenya

If the savannah areas are your destination, pack light because its not going to be cold. If you are going for a beach holiday, obviously heavy cold weather clothing will not work for you. If you are going for a cultural tour, think very hard about the culture of the people you are going to see. It would not look very good if you are wearing a mini-skirt to an African village.

What to wear on a safari depends on what your travel itinerary is. Those going trekking on Mount Kenya need to carry heavy clothing. It may be in the equator but you can freeze to death.

What to Pack in Safaris in Kenya

The best advice we can give you on what to carry is simply talk to your travel agent and ask them. Do not carry everything in your closet and always carry your most comfortable shoes. By the way, never forget your camera and the batteries to go with it.

How Safe is a Safari in Kenya?

No one would like to go a place where security is an issue. More so if you are planning a family holiday in Africa. The fact is that Kenya is a very safe place especially for tourists. Sure there have been some instances where security was an issue, but where is it 100% safe in the world anymore?

Since the economy depends on tourism, you can be sure that safari camps and lodges work overtime to ensure you have the perfect safari experience. Of course you have to ensure that you don’t make your life miserable during Kenyan safaris by taking care of the little things. For example, don’t wave a wad of cash in public, always follow your travel guide’s instructions, don’t venture out of safari camps or hotels and more. The truth is that your safety starts with you. Don’t do the things you would not do in another big city.

Kenya is one safe place.

Was this review helpful? I hope the information will help you choose the best in Kenya travel. So whether mountain climbing, going for wildlife safaris or just want to go for a beach vacation, the fact is a safari to Kenya is one thing that you will not forget in a long time.

See our safari packages as well as our record and we hope to see you in your next safaris in Kenya.

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