Your friends are not exaggerating when they tell you that a Kenya safari is probably the most refreshing  thing you will ever do. From taking drives in open 4×4 to the Kenya Beach Resorts, you and your family wil have the time of your life. But how do you going about choosing the best Kenya Safari in 2014?

You have heard of horror stories when you don’t plan your holidays properly. Family trips are especially a headache if you get on the wrong side of the bed. Hopefully, we can make that easier for you this year.

How to Book a Kenya Safari

There is always a temptation to look for cheap flights to Kenya, booking and creating your own itineraries. Sure, everyone wants to save a dollar or two. The only problem is that sometimes, trying to save that dollar ends up costing you more than just the dollar. You do not want to be amongst the thousands of holiday travelers who end up stuck at the airport with nowhere to go.

Kenya Safari 2014

If by bad luck you do miss your flight, you may end up amongst the horror stories in holiday travel worldwide. There’s always a section in the Terms of conditions of most travel itineraries that talks about subject to availability. You do not want to be the person who has these conditions explained to them.

One of the biggest misconceptions in family travel is that avoiding a travel agent is good for you. That may be true for a backpacking tour but it is a recipe for disaster in family trips. Always look for a registered and experienced travel agency in Kenya. The best are registered by the Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATO) and have great reviews online.

Would you rather save $10 or actually go for a holiday where everything is taken care of? All you have to do is wake up and enjoy yourself at the Masai Mara National Park.

How to Pack for a Safari in Kenya

Always pack for the right trip. Kenya is rich in tourism areas. You can climb mountains, visit a desert, go for birdwatching, visit Kenya beaches, go to safari camps, the list is endless.

Of course this means that whatever you pack for a beach holiday may not be suitable to climbing Mount Kenya. So how do you dress for a safari holiday in Kenya? It depends on where you are going.

Best Kenya Safaris

If you had picked a good travel agent, they will be able to advice you on the what to pack, how much to carry, and even the type of food you should expect to have. There is only one rule of thumb when choosing what to pack for luxury safaris in Kenya; be wise. If your three days premium holiday is to the luxury lodges in Mount Kenya, beach dressing will not help you.

How Much Does a Kenyan Safari Cost?

If you have planned your holiday properly and taken your travel agent’s advice, Kenyan safaris are actually reasonably priced. You don’t have to take the cheap holidays to Kenya option. You will be surprised to learn that a family safari may cost you just as much as luxury travel. In fact, most of our clients are shocked to find out that the so called 3 Star Hotels in Kenya are actually very high quality hotels.

Lets assume that all you wish to do is take game drives in open 4×4′s. You are only interested in seeing lions and cheetahs and probably spend your evenings in lodges & camps after your drive through the masaai mara. As long as you choose the proper date and time, you will find that East Africa safaris are probably the cheapest in the world. Yet the most fulfilling experiences.

Safari in Kenya

You can find out more but just writing to us through our booking form and you see how reasonable such a trip can be.

The whole idea of having a holiday is:

  1. To take some time off
  2. Feel at home even when you aren’t

There is a reason why the national geographic pitches camp in Kenya parks & game reserve. Only in Africa can you find wildlife and go to the masaai mara viewing wildebeests. In the evening you go and enjoy yourself in the camps & lodges in the Rift Valley and later fly towards Lake Turkana for archeological tours.

Contact us today for booking and your own custom trips. We promise you will enjoy your Kenya safaris 2014.

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