When it comes to preparing for your safaris in Kenya, you would not want to go wrong. Especially if it is your first time or it is something that you have saved for for a long time. This means that you need to take time on the planning stage of the safari to ensure that you have the perfect safari.

The first part of planning is doing a thorough research on destinations in Kenya. You then need to point out your destinations of choice. This will be a simple thing to do because it will mainly depend on your interests in the safari and what you really want to experience.

The second part of the planning stage is packing. You will be away from your home and country for some time therefore you do not want to go wrong with the packing. There are various things that you need to ensure that you have in your bag so that your dream safari is just that.

Things you need to Carry for your Safaris in Kenya

There are very important things that you must make sure you pack before anything else. First you need to ensure that your passport and visa are safely packed in your bag. You also need to make a copy of your passport that you can store separately for security purposes.

The Ultimate Packing List for your Safaris in Kenya

You also need to ensure that you have your air tickets with you and your travel insurance as well. You cannot control what happens and therefore insurance is always very important while travelling just in case the unexpected happens.

You also need to make sure you carry money that you can spend during you safari. In the towns and cities in Nairobi you can find ATMs that accept visa and therefore you can use you credit or debit cards on them. However, once you are in the wild, you need to make sure that you have hard cash with you. You may want to have some amount of cash in the local currency as much as many places would not mind to receive payments in dollars or other foreign currencies.

With all the essentials in place, the next thing that you need to worry about is what you will wear. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to travel light. It is important that you pack the least amount of clothes that you can which at the same time will ensure that your stay will be comfortable.

You can also get the best attire for safaris that can double up souvenirs once you get to Kenya. You will easily find attire that has the African touch which can be ideal for safaris. The best clothes for safaris are usually the khaki cotton shorts and pants. You should ensure that you also pack a few long sleeved shirts and a sweater as the weather during the nights can change and maybe sun glasses to wear during the safari.

Having all these in place, you are ready for your safaris in Kenya. Travel light and make sure that you do not buy something from your home if you can easily find the same in Kenya. Remember that you are here for adventure therefore be prepared to improvise in very many situations. Having the essentials in place, your safaris in Kenya will surely be memorable and you will want to visit Kenya again and again.

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